Gifs (AKA moving pictures) that are guaranteed to work on your tumblr dashboard!


Frequently Asked Questions!

Welcome to dash gifs! Have a question? Read this before you ask it to avoid looking stupid.

What’s the difference between ‘dash-ready gifs’ and gifs?

Dash ready gifs will show up on your dashboard when you post them, as opposed to other gifs, that will just show up as a boring little box.

Can I use the gifs on this tumblr?

Yes! That’s why there here and tagged!

How do you post a gif on your dash?

You open a new text post, click the little tree, paste the url and hit insert and you’re good to go!

How come this gif doesn’t work when I post it?

Sometimes, you can’t insert the URL. You have to save it, go to text post and use the upload photo feature and it should work!

I did what you said, but my gif still isn’t working! What’s wrong?

If it’s still not working, the chances are is that the file size is too big to work on Tumblr. If, when you save the gif, the size is over 500k, it won’t work. Try limiting the frames or the number of colors. 

How does your tagging system work?

If you’d like to look for a gif of say, Jack Barakat, you put ‘people: jack barakat’ into the search box. If you wanted to look for Jersey Shore gifs, you’d put in ‘show: jersey shore’ and so on. Or you can look at our nifty tags page! Just give it a minute to load.

Do you make these gifs?

Nope! I mean, I do make some of them, but I don’t take credit for the ones I don’t.

Hey! I made that gif! I’m totally going to sue you!

Whoa, whoa, hey! Calm yourself! You see a gif here that belongs to you, just calmly let me know in the ask box and I’ll either credit you, or remove it.

I have a gif that would fit well into your tumblr. How would I get it added?

Head over to our submit page and follow the directions there.